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Equip your child with the tools to develop self-reliance and be comfortable making mistakes!

  • is drawing a picture and if something doesn't go as planned, they crumple up the paper and stop trying
  • is reading a book, and the minute they get to a word they don't know, they stop wanting to read all together
  • is playing soccer, and when they miss their goal, they go to the sidelines not wanting to play anymore
  • generally experiences feelings of nervousness around trying new things
  • has big meltdowns over seemingly small issues

This parent-facing curriculum teaches parents a framework to use if your child....

This program is for parents who want to give their kids that confidence boost and initiative to act boldly in their own lives! To learn more, and to see if it could be right for you, I invite you to book a clarity call below.

So many of us feel like we’re not doing the best job we can for our kids. We tune into their emotions, we try to encourage trial and error, and we tell them that their mistakes are going to be ok!

And yet, so many kids freak out when their drawing doesn’t come out as expected, or their legos fall down, or they can’t read the word on the page or do their math problem.

The good news is, there is a structure for building resilience at home, and you'll feel like a great parent in the process!

Feel Like a Great Parent

-- Sara A.

Talia's Raising Resilient Kids program has been life changing for my family. It hasn't been easy to connect with my 5 year old son, and many times we've been left feeling like we're throwing our hands in the air, unsure of what to do. Talia's intuition with children runs deep and she was able to share so many simple, practical ways to help us handle these big emotional outbursts and work through these deep feelings with our son that ended in a more connected, resilient kid.

Her advice often unlocked experiences that I needed to unlearn from childhood as I became a parent, so I felt like I was learning along the way too. I found an immense benefit in having a small community during the program. So often as a parent, I've felt isolated and alone in working through the challenges of raising a resilient child, and I was incredibly thankful to speak with other parents dealing with similar issues.

It was such a relief to see that it's not just me, it's not just my child experiencing this. The whole program helped me embrace the beautiful, smart, creative, inquisitive child I have and better see how to help him navigate his way through the world with the right "tool kit." Any day that leads to more smiles than frowns is a good day, and we have had many, many good days since working with Talia.”

 Raising Resilient Kids Parent Experience

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To find out if working with me is right for you

Talia Kovacs Calm Connected, LLC is committed to promoting literacy access for all children, regardless of their background.
To promote equitable access to education, information, and resources, Talia donates 10% of her student-facing time and 18% of yearly profits to organizations that promote joyful, meaningful literacy experiences in underserved communities. 

Commitment to Equity: