Hi! It's Talia. If you have a group of parents wanting to learn concrete, actionable strategies to take home and use immediately, I can help! 

My workshops are dynamic, fun to attend, and leave parents with the confidence to make a few shifts to more positively impact their kids at home.

Contact me to collaborate on a custom workshop for your audience, and see what other event organizers and attendees have had to say below! 

"Talia Kovacs is an insightful and motivational speaker when it comes to the topic of parenting and promoting resiliency with our children.

 Talia brought a depth of experience, knowledge and practical advice to the Nest Collective community.

 Parents felt like they walked away with a unique set of information, tips and troubleshooting strategies that will help them support their children at home."

- Rina Joshi, Founder, Nest Collective

Employee Working Group

"I had the opportunity to hear Talia speak at a parenting event, and I reached out right away. I knew immediately how much her message would resonate with our Parents ERG at Nextdoor.

We brought Talia in for a talk on resilience and developing connected households. To say she delivered would be an understatement! Our employees/team/parents are still, six months later, referencing takeaways from her workshop.

She is a dynamic, collaborative presenter who kept us engaged and created a safe and judgment-free space where we felt free to ask our questions and lean into the conversation. I'd highly recommend working with Talia! She is a total pro."

- Jennifer Starr, Head of Industry, Nextdoor
Parent EWG, Nextdoor

"Talia spoke for the parents at Carefully during a time of great upheaval in how we interact with our kids. Instead of judgment or dogma, Talia came in with an understanding attitude and a ton of great sense. Parents were super relieved to not add one more thing to their list, but instead re-prioritize connecting with their kids in an authentic, unstressful way. Everyone left with so many takeaways that they're still able to use with their kids! Talia's calm, non-judgemental approach is disarming and allows parents to relax, open up and take in all the wonderful wisdom she shares with us during these sessions."

- Leslie Borrell, CEO, Carefully

"We had Talia speak to our team about building resilient kids in honor of national parents day. Talia's presentation was beautifully presented, engaging, and informative. She shared great tips on how to build resilience for ourselves as adults and ways to help encourage our children to find and build resilience for themselves. So many great takeaways from this presentation! Thanks Talia. Looking forward to working together again in the near future."

- Nicole Lopez, People Operations, Clinch

"Talia is an exceptional guide, facilitator, and expert when it comes to literacy—and just as incredible is her excellence at calming nervous parents and focusing us on what matters most for our kids.

When we collaborated on a series of online seminars—aimed at elementary parents in Brooklyn's School District 15, during the heightened stress of Covid closures and hybrid school—she immediately connected with our group in ways that reassured us, helped us reorient around the priorities for our kids literacy development, and left us with easy tactics to use at home to encourage joyful literacy.

I still use these tools with my three joyful readers at home. Talia had a knack for pulling together the right program, making the most use of our time, and meeting parents where they were at. I strongly recommend engaging her for down-to-Earth tone, helpful attitude, interactive style, and thoughtful and focused insights."

- Justin Krebs, Parent Liaison, District 15

What parents are saying..

"I feel so relieved to come out of this session more connected and inspired instead of just leaving with the same long to-do list that I probably won't get to anyway. Very grounded and actionable. Thanks!"  

Mallory S.

"I tend to be a grumpy, overly critical presentation attender (especially for education / parenting talks) but this was really excellent. Really digestible and really accurate with a grounding in research. Awesome!"

Chris w.

"This was the best hour I've spent all year. I couldn't write down notes fast enough!"

Ava k. 

"This was super well done. Very informative. I wish we had even more time. This is great content."

Toni H. 

Talia Kovacs runs the Connected Communication and Resilient Reader approach to children's social-emotional health. She is a dynamic and engaging speaker, giving parents concrete tools and strategies to try immediately at home with their kids.

Talia bases her information in her years spent as a classroom teacher, curriculum advisor and CEO of an international literacy consulting firm to ensure the most up-to-date and research-backed information in an easily digestible way.

When Talia comes to speak at your event, participants feel taken care of, heard, and most importantly, empowered to make positive change at home without adding more to-dos to their already evolving list! 

Bringing in Talia to speak

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