More and more, children are anxious, afraid to make mistakes, and deeply shame-filled when they do. Our kids are refusing to try, and are overwhelmed by new experiences. What's a parent to do?

In this workshop, we learn how to equip our kids with the tools to get comfortable making mistakes and develop self-reliance, and feel like a great parent in the process!

Parents learn and immediately apply Talia's Resilience Building Framework, empowering them with the tools at home to build up a child's inner sense of calm and connection.

Raising Resilient Kids Workshop

This dynamic, extremely actionable talk is geared toward parents:
  • who have read to their child since they were little, and always had books around, but as they’ve gotten older, they’ve lost interest in reading.
  • whose children get flustered when reading and get defensive or self-conscious when making mistakes.
  • whose kid refuses to read, no matter what is offered!

There is a way to raise a resilient reader without fighting or nagging. Together, we learn 3 key ways to raise resilient readers and allow our children to reclaim the joy and beauty in reading for themselves.

Raising Resilient Readers Workshop

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