Harness the Power of Literacy to Raise Curious, Confident Children

Creating Calm, Connected Households

Talia Kovacs Consulting

• Early literacy instruction to teach your child
  how to read and write at home
• Creating calmer homes through shared
  routines and traditions
• Addressing challenging behavior at home
• Raising kind, resilient children

Talia regularly hosts workshops on:

• Personalized reading assessments
  including tips for reading comprehension
• A concrete action plan for your child's at
  home learning  
• Activities to foster your child's curiosity and
  develop concrete routines and traditions in
  the household 
• Customized solutions for individual families
  to achieve their parenting goals for their

Talia provides select clients with ongoing, tailored support through: 


A 7 Week Program to get everyone in your home adjusted for back to school with clear routines and strategies for building connection between parent and child and fostering a sense of safety, security and joy in your children

Back to school program

Talia runs a limited number of literacy pods for School Year 20-21. These are for groups of 3-6 children, run virtually, that meet in groups and one-on-one several times a week to ensure your children are exceeding literacy standards for their grade level! Contact Talia to see if you are a mutual fit.


Talia is a teacher, professor, CEO, writer and children's literacy specialist. Talia has coached and taught in over 50 school districts across the U.S. and around the world. Talia's mission is to ensure children's lived experiences are made clear to adults so the entire family can live a meaningful, and joy-filled life together. Combining her knowledge of brain development, teaching, learning, and literacy instruction, Talia's dynamic and interactive workshops and 1:1 coaching provide families with concrete tools to use immediately in pursuit of deeper relationships and intentional learning with children.

Talia gives parents and caregivers tools to build meaningful connection and develop lifelong reading practices, resulting in a calmer, more connected family.

about Talia

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kind words

"What a relief it was to connect with an expert so accessible to help with our daughter’s reading! The road map Talia walked us through was extremely helpful in aiding our daughter become a better reader without forcing a bad experience. Three month later, our daughter is on a regular schedule, comfortable reading out loud and improving each day. Thank you Talia!" 

Cate and Susan

"You gave me the sense that I can be in control of a joyful setting for my 5 year old to learn how to read, and that was exactly what I was looking for in our conversation. I am legitimately looking forward to starting to put together these resources for her and I look forward to being in touch with you as we continue down this path!"

Jessie G.

"Talia kindly spent some time with me yesterday, and in 30-minutes, I became infinitely better prepared to encourage my 5 and 7 year old to develop better literacy habits. We put some of her ideas to work today -- which were met with great success!"

Jennifer H.

"We had a great experience with Talia. We found her to be a great listener which enabled her to accurately and quickly assess our 8-year-old daughter. When communicating with our daughter, she was gentle, thoughtful, and put her instantly at ease. We are still working through the roadmap and we are already starting to see the benefits. We think Talia is a great professional."

Traci and Martin M. 


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