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Resilient Kids


For your community of parents looking to gain tools and strategies to raise resilient, self-reliant kids

For kids who struggle with reading,
and early readers looking to begin a long and joyful reading life

For parents of kids who:
hate making mistakes, have meltdowns over small things, and are fearful to step into the unknown

Hi! I’m Talia. I help parents raise resilient kids.

I have an M.Ed. in education, I study child development, and for my entire career I’ve worked with kids, as a classroom teacher, as a literacy specialist, and as a children’s resilience coach.

In my experience working with thousands of kids, I've found that those who are acting out, feeling defeated, and melting down at the slightest problem can become eager, capable, confident people through one thing: resilience.

Parents tell me about their worry not knowing what's developmentally appropriate and whether they should get involved. About their concern that they're not doing all they can to increase their kids' ability to tolerate frustration.

They tell me about their kids who don’t want to try something new because they’re worried they’ll be bad at it. Or perhaps they struggle during routine parts of the day, and it causes a fight at home.

I teach parents a Resilience Framework, guiding families through three key systems to support them in raising resilient kids.

This framework takes kids from going from stomping off the field if they miss a goal in soccer to taking mistakes in stride. Most importantly, it takes kids from an inner monologue that nothing is fair and no one cares about them, to an inner voice that tells them that they are smart, they are capable, and they can take on challenges!

It’s my lifelong mission and honor to work alongside parents and organizations supporting parents to help them raise resilient kids. When I’m not working with amazing parents and child-focused partners, you can find me with my toddler and husband playing ball in the park, cooking a delicious meal, or in a deep study of Jewish mysticism.

I help parents deepen their relationship with their kids, and foster calm and connection at home.

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Talia Kovacs Calm Connected, LLC is committed to promoting literacy access for all children, regardless of their background.
To promote equitable access to education, information, and resources, Talia donates 10% of her student-facing time and 18% of yearly profits to organizations that promote joyful, meaningful literacy experiences in underserved communities. 

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