Hi! my name is Talia Kovacs, a former teacher and CEO turned childhood resilience specialist. I help families with anxious kids raise confident, resilient children. I've developed The 5 Steps To Use Your Child’s Strengths To Build Resilience for any child that has outsized reactions to small inconveniences such as:

  • If your child hates losing at a game, and won't continue to play
  • If your child won't try reading a book because they already think they can't
  • If your child has very limited attention when they're not interested in a topic
  • If they won't cede control of winning a game
  • If they avoid hard things at all costs
  • If they say things to themselves like "I'm a failure, I can't do this!"

The 5 Steps To Use Your Child’s Strengths To Build Resilience is part of a larger framework I teach to parents of perfectionistic kids who hate making mistakes. It's a great start to help get your child to see their own strengths and develop their own sense of resilience.

We can't talk our child into resilience. Resilience is learned, it's earned, and with the right systems and structures, kids can develop this strength for themselves. I hope you find this guide helpful!

5 Steps To Use Your Child's Strengths to Build Resilience

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