Bolster your child's independence and raise calm, confident, curious readers through Daily Connection with your child! 

What you will learn:

Quick literacy activities to do with your child that foster brain development. 

The science behind phonemic awareness, how to play with sounds at home, and why the ABCs are not all they're cracked up to be!

Ways to engage your child during at-home reading that feel authentic and enable you to bond.  

How to use your child's inherent interests to make a literacy plan for them. 

How to raise independent thinkers, who gather knowledge to make informed decisions (even and especially at these young ages!)  

In under 10 minutes per day, learn how to foster a love of reading with your child through brain-based, joyful literacy activities.  

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kind words

"What a relief it was to connect with an expert so accessible to help with our daughter’s reading! The road map Talia walked us through was extremely helpful in aiding our daughter become a better reader without forcing a bad experience. Three month later, our daughter is on a regular schedule, comfortable reading out loud and improving each day. Thank you Talia!" 

Cate and Susan E-B

"You gave me the sense that I can be in control of a joyful setting for my 5 year old to learn how to read, and that was exactly what I was looking for in our conversation. I am legitimately looking forward to starting to put together these resources for her and I look forward to being in touch with you as we continue down this path!"

Jessie G.

"Talia kindly spent some time with me yesterday, and in 30-minutes, I became infinitely better prepared to encourage my 5 and 7 year old to develop better literacy habits. We put some of her ideas to work today -- which were met with great success!"

Jennifer H.

Go from a family that sometimes reads together to a family that asks deep questions during read-alouds, thinks critically about our world, and plays purposeful games that increase your children's reading abilities - all while having fun together!


join the challenge for $36

Frequently Asked Questions

When you sign up for the challenge, you will be invited to a Facebook group where all the trainings will be held. If you are not on Facebook (I wasn't until recently!), you will be sent everything you need to your email. Trainings will be every morning at 10:30 AM EDT. All videos will be recorded and saved so you can access them anytime throughout the day.

How will I access the daily training? 

From July 27-31, each day, in addition to a concrete literacy game or activity to boost your child's development, you will also get resources that will go along with the game. These resources will be actionable and clear, so you can worry less about the game and more about how to connect deeply with your child through these games!
Additionally, I will be available daily from 3:00 - 3:30 pm to answer any questions about the day's activity. You can submit questions in advance or ask in the moment. 

What else is included?

Yes! This is a challenge! So, there will be prizes! Each day, parents who do the day's activity will be entered into a raffle and will win some great children's books, a free 30-minute reading consultation with me, and other great prizes!

What about prizes?

Each day, you can spend up to 10 minutes watching the video and learning the connecting activity, and another 15 minutes playing the game or doing the activity with your child.

How much time should I expect to spend?

We will accommodate all parents of children ages 3-9. All of the activities will be most suited for children ages 4-8.

What age is this most appropriate for?

Once you sign up on Paypal, you will be sent login instructions. Please check your Paypal email address for all information! 

How will I get confirmation?

join the challenge for $36