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Over the years, we have worked with countless children of all ages and reading levels. We’ve helped them overcome the challenges associated with reading and arithmetic, and we’ve seen the positive impact these accomplishments have on their lives. That said, we do more than simply guide children past their goal posts. More importantly, we give them the tools to overcome academic challenges on their own.

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Our agency’s founder is a teacher, professor, CEO, and celebrated children’s literacy specialist all in one. Having coached and counseled in over fifty school districts throughout the United States, Talia has developed a keen understanding of how to best tutor and encourage children with unique difficulties.

With Talia at the helm of our team’s operations, you can rest easy knowing your child will get the guidance they need to thrive in the coming years.

A Celebrated Literacy Tutor

Every child had different strengths and weaknesses. It is also true that many children have strengths that have yet to be discovered by their parents, guardian, or teachers. We can help your children uncover their unrealized potential and untapped strengths. With our guidance, they’ll sharpen their existing skillset and learn how to apply them to various different parts of their academic, personal, and extracurricular lives for the better. That is our promise to you. 

Harnessing Strengths

Every child enters into a school year with a completely unique set of experiences behind them, a one-of-a-kind outlook on life. What’s more, many of them face challenges unique to them. They may find it difficult to read at their grade level or struggle with their writing.

While these challenges are common among children, there are many possible reasons why a child might struggle with these skills. Here, we strive to uncover what these reasons might be. Some children might not yet see how fun reading and writing can be, while other children feel too insecure and self-conscious to ask for help at home or in the classroom. We will uncover those underlying issues and tailor our services to your child. Some of our core specialties include:

• Reading
• Writing
• General academic tutoring
• Child development
• Confidence building
• One-on-One coaching
• Consulting services
• And more

Tutoring Tailored to the Child

Do you think that your child stands to benefit from a compassionate and qualified tutor? If so, we invite you to contact Talia Kovacs Consulting to learn more about our child tutoring services.

With an emphasis on literacy, confidence building, and dedicated coaching, we provide the most comprehensive tutoring services in the Boreum Hill area. We give children and their parents or guardians the tools to overcome countless obstacles inside and outside the classroom.

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