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Are you worried that your child’s reading difficulties are insurmountable? You might be surprised. Time and time again, we encounter children who just haven’t been introduced to reading and writing in the proper way. They just haven’t discovered how exciting it can be to harness the power of literacy.

With us by their side, they’ll learn just how exciting reading can be.

Harness the Power of Literacy Now

During our one-on-one sessions, our tutors will give your child the encouragement they need to overcome the obstacles they encounter during the learning process. With us by their side, they’ll make incredible strides. 

Encouragement Is Key

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to child tutoring programs. Some children thrive in group settings, while other kids are easily distracted by the antics and energy of others. After conducting an in-depth assessment where we uncover your child’s strengths and weaknesses, we will develop a 1:1 coaching and tutoring plan that works for them and yourself. 

A New Approach to Child Tutoring

Combining the tenets of early child development and literary instruction, our workshops and child tutoring services focus on the following:
• Reading
• Writing
• Study habits
• And more
With our tutoring services and tailored study plans, you and your child will be able to steer the course through their academic life.

Dynamic Literary Workshops

At our tutoring agency, we pride ourselves on being more than tutors for hire. At the helm of our company is Talia Kovacs, a celebrated advocate for child literacy with a professional background that ensures each child’s success.

As a teacher, CEO, writer, professor, and children’s literacy specialist, Talia has brought her expertise to school districts all across America. Over the course of her travels, she learned all the ways children approach difficult tasks. Some lash out when they encounter challenges, while others are quick to admit defeat.

Here, we try to teach children not to turn away from challenges. Their difficulties are not insurmountable, and there is no reason for any child to be hard on themselves if reading or writing does not come easy. Progress is a slow process, after all. Every person—young and old—goes at their own pace.

More than Just Tutors

Everyone wants their children to have the best intellectual foundation possible, but some children need extra attention. That is where the child tutors at Talia Kovacs Consulting come in.

We specialize in the development of customized, practical and actionable child tutoring programs. With an emphasis on positive reinforcement, practical application, and fun, we help kids unlock the joys of learning and literacy. All the while, we show parents and guardians how they can integrate reading and dedicated study periods into the everyday lives of children.

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