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Even the lives of children can feel fast-paced sometimes. The hustle-bustle of grade school and junior high can make children forget about the joys of bedtime stories and the thrill that comes from learning something that interests them.

We can help your children discover the joys of reading and writing. We can help them nurture the skills that will carry them through fun afternoons, fall mid-terms, and everything the future holds for them.

We’ll Make Reading Fun Again

Every household is different. We will work with you and your child to find the best way to handle the tutoring process. If obligations and constraints leave you unable to monitor your child’s daily progress as much as you’d like, we don’t want you to worry. That is why tutors such as ourselves exist. Together, we will implement an actionable plan and readjust the goalposts when necessary. 

Customized Solutions

The classroom gives children structure, as do our literacy coaches one-on-one sessions. At home, however, it can sometimes be difficult to cultivate the same sort of structure. We can give you tips on how to structure your child’s evenings or weekends to make sure they remain committed to their studies. 

At-Home Action Plans

Do you want to monitor your child’s progress at home? We can give comprehensive at-home reading assessments. When you’re able to monitor your child’s progress yourself, you’re able to celebrate the hurdles and victories as they come. 

Personalized Reading Assessments

The academic tutors and literacy coaches at our boutique tutoring agency do more than simply coach and encourage children. We also work closely with parents and guardians to ensure that children have the support they need at home. 

Tutoring Children and Teaching Parents

Everyone’s capacity for reading develops at different rates. Some people excel at reading and writing at a young age, while others take more time to strengthen their skills. Personal progress is not a race, but we give children the guidance needed to stay on course.

We can help the children in your care strengthen these skills and discover skills they never knew they had before.

At our tutoring agency, we offer one-on-one and group tutoring for:

• Reading
• Writing
• Self-confidence
• And more

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Let’s Talk About Literacy Tutoring

Are you in search of a compassionate and qualified child tutor in the Fort Greene area for your children? If so, we invite you to contact the incomparable agency, Talia Kovacs Consulting.

For children struggling with reading, Talia Kovacs Consulting provides deep reading skills along with bolstering each child’s confidence in their own abilities, resulting in a child who is engaged, resilient, and ready to learn!

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