A rich life of literacy awaits. Talia Kovacs Consulting exists to help parents and caregivers like you support their children in at-home literacy development through one-on-one coaching tailored to your goals, lifestyle, and preferences.

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Literacy Development and the Family Unit
Discover the power of literacy at home. As your child excels in reading, they will not only grow in language, comprehension, and reading, but in many other personal aspects, too. Talia has found that with higher literacy levels, children demonstrate higher levels of internal motivation, concentration, and critical thinking. These positive benefits of literacy will translate into a healthier, happier home environment. Reading truly can connect families in magical ways.

Literacy Tutoring at Home

About Talia Kovacs Consulting
Talia Kovacs is the CEO of Talia Kovacs Consulting, a nationally and internationally renowned consulting firm all about teaching literacy to young children. As a professional literacy coach, Talia takes broad educational theories and boils them down into simple strategies that anyone can employ at home. What’s more, Talia has a talent for making educational principles and materials fun. By implementing her roadmaps, learning how to read won’t feel like school—it will feel like a positive and meaningful interaction between you and your child. Talia makes reading and learning a rewarding part of your day-to-day in which the whole family unit can participate. 

Talia Kovacs Consulting is a fast-growing firm that has been featured in many notable published works, such as Forbes, Newsweek, NYMetroParents, Scholastic, Pearson, and more. Talia Kovacs Consulting is also committed to bringing literacy to the world by donating 10% of profits and 10% of teaching time to supporting high-need communities.

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- Receive personalized reading assessments with a clear picture of where your child is and opportunities for growth moving forward.
- Gain support for your child through Talia’s one-on-one reading tutoring services, teaching your child the skills they need to become an active reader and writer.
- Develop a sound plan of action to engage your child in at-home reading and learning.
- Learn fun and educational activities designed to nurture your child’s curiosity and enhance your child’s self-expression.
- Gain fundamental knowledge about children’s brain development as it pertains to literacy.

Working closely with Talia, you’ll build an arsenal of instructional tools and learn how to foster an environment of learning with your child that is intimate, engaging, and mutually gratifying. At the same time, Talia will work directly with your child to ensure they develop the skills they need to read.

During your sessions with Talia, you will:

One of Talia Kovacs’ staple and sought-after services is her one-on-one literacy coaching program. Talia works with parents and caregivers of children ages 4-10 individually to develop roadmaps filled with at-home activities and routines uniquely catered to your child’s literacy level and your parenting styles and values. 

One-On-One Literacy Coaching

These sessions are not a “quick-fix” to reading and writing issues. The Resilient Reader Program makes lasting change in students and provides them with learning strategies they will bring with them for the duration of their education.
Contact Talia Kovacs Consulting, and by the end of the program, your child will have learned the joy of reading and will be picking up books to read on their own in no time.

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An important part of the Resilient Reader program is Talia’s work directly with families and caregivers. Many parents endure arguments with their children about homework, have tried to use many different tutors without success, or don’t know exactly where to focus to improve their child’s reading level.
Talia works with parents to find ways to improve their kid’s self-perception of their reading success. They’ll learn how to encourage their child to continue to practice their newly acquired skills from their sessions. The result is the continuously improved enjoyment of reading and writing.


The Resilient Reader Program is designed to make lasting changes in the lives of young readers and writers. Once your child has gone through Talia’s program, they will be caught up to their required reading level—and in many cases, surpass it.
Talia has proven success with even the trickiest cases and will be sure to improve your child’s relationship with literacy. Talia’s program does not involve just doing homework assigned to your kid in school. She builds a curriculum addressing the literacy issues your child is experiencing. This curriculum will be uniquely crafted based on observations made during the first few sessions and years of successful experience.


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Understanding the art of writing composition is a multi-step process that is difficult for many children. Talia Kovacs Consulting will significantly improve both your child’s writing capability and their confidence in doing so.


Reading comprehension is an essential component of your child’s education. Talia’s 4-month Resilient Reader Program can improve children’s reading levels by two grade levels within one year. Traditional tutoring methods do not often achieve the same level or frequency of success as Talia’s programs. It is easy to see why so many school districts have worked with Talia for her reading improvement expertise. Schedule a 15-minute discovery call to get in touch with a tutor invested in student success.


Talia Kovacs is an experienced reading and writing improvement specialist with years of experience in many facets of literacy improvement across the United States and internationally. With seven years of experience running an international educational consulting firm, helping schools implement social-emotional based literacy instruction, Talia Kovacs knows what it takes to improve a child’s drive and desire to read, write, and practice their literacy. Talia’s program has helped make significant improvements in joyful reading in urban school systems across America.
In her work with families, Talia focuses on helping individual children improve. Get in touch today to bridge your child’s literacy gaps and help them discover the joy of reading.


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Talia Kovacs Consulting offers one-on-one literacy tutoring in Brooklyn to help kids discover the transformative power of reading, and to help parents and caregivers implement key literacy strategies in a joyful and engaging way at home. Talia leverages her career as a teacher, literacy coach, and sought-after literacy expert, and a passion for reading to make literacy a life-changing and joy-filled skill for the whole family to enjoy.

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