The Calm, Connected Household

What you will learn:

Week 1 - Discover how to set up your morning routine to win, and how to "fill up" your child at the beginning of the day and reduce tantrums later on by more than 70%! 

Week 2 - Learn how to foster independence in your children aged 4-8 and support them in learning to get ready for school themselves, in a way that makes both you and them proud! 

Week 3 - Learn how to prioritize your kid's academic learning even when they're at home, and discover how to decide when they need to learn and when they need to play. Develop self-trust with regards to directing your child's learning confidently and calmly.

A 7 Week Program to get everyone in your home adjusted for back to school with clear routines and strategies for building connection and fostering a sense of safety, security and joy in your children.

Week 4 - Discover how to make home learning feel like school and how to create healthy separation between learning and play. Cultivate a lifelong appreciation of the importance of balance in life and the value of emotional, physical and social wellbeing in long-term success.

Week 5 - Learn how to create meaningful connection time while still having firm boundaries during bedtime. Plus, learn how to release parent guilt before you go to sleep, so you can sleep peacefully and awaken rejuvenated, not depleted! 

Week 6 - Understand the key development milestones and the brain science behind where your child is in their development right now. Discover what this means for their literacy skills as well as their global comprehension skills, so that you can be the best support to your kids while they're learning. Plus, know how to respond in specific developmental scenarios (for example, during tantrums or when presented with questions about life and death by your kids). 

Week 7 - Know what to look out for with regards to your kid's literacy, understand the core principles of literacy at home for each age and how to concretely help them at home. 

kind words

"What a relief it was to connect with an expert so accessible to help with our daughter’s reading! The road map Talia walked us through was extremely helpful in aiding our daughter become a better reader without forcing a bad experience. Three month later, our daughter is on a regular schedule, comfortable reading out loud and improving each day. Thank you Talia!" 

Cate and Susan E-B

"You gave me the sense that I can be in control of a joyful setting for my 5 year old to learn how to read, and that was exactly what I was looking for in our conversation. I am legitimately looking forward to starting to put together these resources for her and I look forward to being in touch with you as we continue down this path!"

Jessie G.

"Talia kindly spent some time with me yesterday, and in 30-minutes, I became infinitely better prepared to encourage my 5 and 7 year old to develop better literacy habits. We put some of her ideas to work today -- which were met with great success!"

Jennifer H.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is meant to be a program and community. Each week, the hour-long training will be posted in a Facebook group and you will have the opportunity to join live over zoom and hear from other parents, or watch the replay later on. 

How will I access the training? 

In addition to weekly trainings, parents will get access to office hours to ask specific questions, community of other parents seeking to make this a nurturing and successful school year and a weekly workbook filled with information to take home. 

What else is included?

This is for parents with children ages 4-8 who want to ensure their children are set up for success through learning the science and research behind how to best set up their children for success, both academically and emotionally. 

What age is this most appropriate for?