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If you need the help of an experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate reading tutor, look no further than Talia Kovacs Consulting. With years of experience, Talia has set herself apart as a leading local tutor, with pioneering solutions to get kids to love reading again. Having coached or taught in over 50 school districts, Talia has helped countless young readers find their passion in words and books. She’s helped countless parents get the tools they need to create a calmer, happier learning environment. She’s confident she can help you, too.

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Brooklyn’s Premier Reading and Literacy Tutor

Talia Kovacs Consulting is unique in the tutoring world for many reasons. But one of the biggest is Talia’s hands-on approach. Rather than offering group classes or delegating clients to a host of qualified tutors, Talia Kovacs prefers to lead the charge in tutoring. 

Talia conducts every session herself, working directly with every client on a one-to-one basis. She doesn’t outsource. She doesn’t rely on other tutors to fill in the gaps. When you choose Talia Kovacs Consulting, you can rest assured: You’re working with Talia herself. This ensures that you get nothing less than the most qualified attention available today. Talia Kovacs sets high standards, and her complete oversight ensures nothing less than the best. 

That hands-on approach allows Talia to develop individualized reading literacy programs for every student. It also ensures every child and parent gets the same care and attention, giving them the groundwork they need to achieve success. With Talia, you can be sure you’re laying the foundation for a lifelong passion for reading, learning, and discovery. Learn the tools to unlock the world of reading by contacting Talia at your leisure. 

1-on-1 Tutoring from Talia Herself

Those who struggle to retain an interest in reading are not likely to benefit from tutoring sessions that just feel like an extra hour of class time. Tutors, parents, and their children need to incorporate reading—recreational and otherwise—into a child’s daily life. Doing so can be a challenge for some parents who have demanding schedules, but it is possible.

Talia Kovacs can show you the way. We can show you how to incorporate reading into your life of the lives of your children. It might feel like homework at first, but it won’t feel that way forever. Before long, you’ll see just how much reading the average person does in a day without even realizing it—and you’ll feel better for it, too.

Do you want to boost your child’s confidence in their abilities? Do you want help devising at-home reading regimens that encourage creativity and lifelong learning? We can help you the way. We don’t just teach our clients—we offer skills and teachings that help parents, too. We’ll show you how to foster creativity through the years through encouragement and a variety of techniques and strategies.

Literacy Tutoring Helps Parents, Too

• Individualized sessions and assessments
• Tailored, realistic action plan for every student
• Evidence-based reading strategies
• Tools and techniques parents can use
• 100% success rate in getting students to and above grade level

With Talia Kovacs Consulting, you can expect:

There’s more to learning how to read than picking up a book. Talia uses science-backed strategies and proven pedagogical techniques to strengthen children’s reading, close literacy gaps, and encourage their growth.

Talia works closely with each of her students, helping them explore their passions through the power of the written word. She uses step-by-step, scaffolded teaching techniques to help her students see real progress. Her student-centered approach provides a learning experience that’s rewarding, enriching, and engaging.

Literacy Strategies Proven to Work

• Create a calmer home environment to improve learning outcomes
• Raise your child’s reading score to at or above grade level
• Boost children’s confidence in their abilities
• Foster creativity and learning
• Improve children’s relationship to reading
• Promote kindness, resilience, and curiosity

Talia can help you:

Reading comes easy for some, while other individuals struggle with reading at an age-appropriate level. There could be any number of reasons why someone sees reading as a challenge. From attention disorders to improper tutoring, the reasons are endless. Sometimes, though, the reason is simply that an individual has yet to unlock the true joys of reading. 

Reading doesn’t have to be a chore. Talia’s here to make it fun again. Reading isn’t just an end in itself. The words we read have meaning, and that meaning can extend to all areas of our life. Strengthening your reading skills can make reading manuals and recipes an easy task, for example. A new reader might even discover that their favorite novel has been sitting on their shelf for years and years.

Talia uses a range of play-focused activities to promote creativity and foster curiosity. Her holistic, learner-focused approach not only helps engage young readers but empowers them, building their confidence while encouraging their interests. With her expert strategies and techniques, she helps children embrace the joy of reading.

Turning Reluctant Readers into Literacy Lovers

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Reading is more than an academic pursuit. Being able to read connects you with others, the world around you, and yourself in ways that you need to experience to truly believe. What’s more, reading comprehension isn’t something that begins and ends in the classroom. We are all lifelong learners. Talia Kovacs makes it easier for you to learn and grow on your own time.
Talia Kovacs Consulting is Brooklyn’s leading local reading tutor. As a teacher and literacy specialist, Talia uses proven strategies to close literacy gaps, encourage curiosity, and put the joy back into reading. With her individualized approach, she gives children and parents the tools they need to see real results.
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