The Resilient Reader program
supports kids in becoming
joyful and confident readers

  • Have lost interest in reading as they've grown older
  • Are not reading at an age-appropriate level and aren’t receiving support from school
  • Get flustered when reading and get defensive or self-conscious when making mistakes
  • Just don’t try, or shut down when faced with difficulty

This parent-participating program is for preschool or elementary-age children who...

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To learn more about the Resilient Reader program

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From Resilient Reader Parents:

And, some more formal testimonials: 

"Talia took her from being resistant to reading to loving reading and feeling more confident to express herself in writing. My daughter is overall more engaged and willing to volunteer to read aloud and write publicly.

With Talia’s intentional expertise, my daughter progressed to the next reading level while during her 4th-grade year of school. Additionally, our daughter reads more independently on her own. "

Laura A. 


"Talia did an amazing job with our son during the pandemic year, which had us worry he would fall behind. Instead he is reading at grade level and ready to enter his new school year with great reading confidence!"

Andrea C.


"We were experiencing some resistance and some displays of frustration at home, as well as some feedback from teachers that some reading concepts weren't landing.

Talia worked with our family to ensure positive learning, and my son has really loved the fun and games that she has brought back to reading.

It's been great to see his confidence grow
, and since the start of the school year, he is now praised by his teachers for his command of his skills – and he has been called out for his ability to be at ease with complex structures and setting a good example for others."

Ania K.


"Talia was able to navigate the nuances of 2020/2021 and manage to get our son, not only up to speed, but beyond the reading level of an average child his age.

Our son entered the summer excited about school and proud of his accomplishments. Highly recommended!"

Simon O.


"In my time spent with Talia, I became infinitely better prepared to encourage my 5 and 7 year old to develop better literacy habits.

We put some of her ideas to work today -- which were met with great success!"

Jennifer H.


Before I started working with Talia, my daughter was not interested in reading.

After we started working with Talia, her attitude totally changed!

She introduced fun ways to read without it feeling like a chore and also coached us as parents about how to support her literacy through games and conversations.

She would look forward to their time together, and didn't think of her as a teacher, but a friend! I highly recommend working with Talia.

Lisa G.


"What a relief it was to connect with an expert so accessible to help with our daughter’s reading!

The road map Talia walked us through was extremely helpful in aiding our daughter become a better reader without forcing a bad experience.

 Three month later, our daughter is on a regular schedule, comfortable reading out loud and improving each day. Thank you Talia!" 

Cate and Susan


"You gave me the sense that I can be in control of a joyful setting for my 5 year old to learn how to read, and that was exactly what I was looking for."

Jessie G.


"We had a great experience with Talia. We found her to be a great listener which enabled her to accurately and quickly assess our 8-year-old daughter.

When communicating with our daughter, she was gentle, thoughtful, and put her instantly at ease.

We are working through the roadmap and we are already starting to see the benefits. We think Talia is a great professional."

Traci and Martin M. 


"I was at my wit's end and having a hard time trying to figure out how to break through. 
Within a matter of days, we were having an easier time together, and within weeks my child was communicating more instead of acting out.

Our house has become a much calmer space, and I feel much more equipped."

Sara A.


To learn more about the Resilient Reader program

Book a Free 20-minute Discovery Call

Talia Kovacs Calm Connected, LLC is committed to promoting literacy access for all children, regardless of their background.
To promote equitable access to education, information, and resources, Talia donates 10% of her student-facing time and 18% of yearly profits to organizations that promote joyful, meaningful literacy experiences in underserved communities. 

Commitment to Equity: