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Do you want to help your child learn to read, but aren’t sure where to start? Or, is your child resistant to your help? If so, you’re not alone. We want our children to have good foundational skills with reading while still being naturally curious and loving to learn. We want our children to have the patience and persistence to keep trying when things are hard, and build their confidence so they feel successful in their literacy.

That is where Talia Kovacs Consulting comes in. Talia specializes in in-person and remote one-on-one literacy tutoring for children of all ages. She instills a sense of interest and passion in the lives of her students, ensuring they both work hard and enjoy themselves in the process.

To schedule your in-depth consultation, feel free to schedule a 15 minute consultation with Talia at your convenience.

The program is broken down into 3 steps:

1. Reading and Interest Assessment
The program begins with a 1-on-1 assessment between Talia and the child. She uses reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills to examine the child’s various strengths and determines their literary baseline.

The assessment will also involve a meeting with the parents to discuss family communication and the current system in place to develop a literacy practice.

2. Skill-Building
Weekly lessons will include virtual games, co-reading, and personalized assignments based on the child’s unique interests. This keeps them engaged and excited to learn more as they improve their literacy skills.

3. Family Together Time
Every month Talia will lead a session that includes the whole family. When the whole family is involved, learning can feel more like a group activity and less like a solitary chore. This portion of the program is designed to bridge the gap between reading and entertainment – turning a child into an eager reader.

It makes a significant difference in the child’s development if they can share their ongoing success and milestones with their family members. This stage of the program also teaches parents how to support their children in their literacy growth.

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Help your children achieve reading growth with the guidance and support of a professional literacy tutor. They’ll gain confidence and build lifelong reading practices while the family develops a customized approach to a literary life.

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The Resilient Reader Program, located virtually or throughout Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn, focuses on each child’s individual needs, taking the time to understand underlying blocks and developing a unique strategy, based on your child’s interests. As this is happening, Talia also focuses on the family dynamic, giving parents the skills and confidence they need to build up their child’s positive self-perception.

Talia offers a range of games and strategies suited for different skillsets and designed to improve your child’s love of learning, literacy skills, and personal confidence and independence. The objective is to raise the child’s reading level while giving them the confidence to see reading as an invaluable tool for their growth and development.

The 4 month resilient reader program includes weekly lessons with the child 1-on-1, as well as sessions with the whole family.

The Resilient Reader Program

One-on-One Tutoring: A Path to Success for Elementary ReaderS

Talia understands each learner faces unique challenges specific to them, and she goes above and beyond to connect with your child to teach them how to overcome difficulties with confidence.
Whether in-person or 1-on-1 over the internet, Talia’s innovative methods and positive reinforcement allow your child’s literacy skills to expand to meet your goals and reading targets for their grade. Kids end the Resilient Reader program as advanced readers.
Talia’s proven one-on-one tutoring methods give your child a strong literacy foundation on which to draw from. You can expect improvements in:

• Reading fluency
• Spelling
• Comprehension
• Critical thinking skills
• Writing
• Confidence
• Resilience
• And more!

Tutoring Online: A Full Suite of Reading Tutor Services at Your Fingertips

If you and your students’ busy schedules do not allow you enough time to attend in-person sessions, Talia has created a full suite of innovative tutoring—online!
Cut out travel time completely or attend workshops while you’re on vacation to brush up on skills that will help your child thrive in the world of reading.
These interactive online lessons employ the use of technology to keep children engaged. This includes playing online literacy games together to build skills and vocabulary.
Is your student struggling to keep up with the rest of their peers during language arts classes? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Talia to consult with her on the best ways to reach your individual child.

Our Reading Tutor Transforms Young Learners into Readers

Confidence is the secret ingredient most young learners need to become exceptional readers throughout the rest of their lives. We recognize this and play to the strengths of your child while identifying and shoring up any weaknesses.
Let’s give your child the skills they need to approach reading with confidence. When your family works with Talia, she delivers:

• Attentiveness and positive reinforcement
• Innovative lesson plans tailored to your child’s requirements
• Fun and engaging activities that create a comfortable learning atmosphere
• Family engagement to support your student throughout their fluency transformation
• Progress reports and strategies to encourage your child to continue expanding their understanding of the English language

Don’t hesitate to reach out for more information on customized literacy strategies for your child. Get in touch with us today to explore value-driven options that suit budgets of all sizes. It all starts with making a consultation.

A Leader Among Local Tutoring Companies

Our students admire and respect Talia for providing a safe atmosphere that encourages children to explore the benefits of being fluent readers, writers, and speakers of the English language.
While there are many local tutoring companies to choose from in the area, not all provide the same level of support and dedication that Talia is known for. Her industry-leading tutoring program allows you peace of mind, knowing your child is in good hands during each session and that their specific needs are met throughout every step of the process.
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