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As a parent, it can be discouraging to watch your child struggling to read. It is difficult to know the best ways to advocate for your child and where to turn for help. Talia Kovacs has taught thousands of children to read and understands the many reasons for literacy challenges that children go through. Talia provides customized solutions to involve the whole family in making learning and reading fun and accessible. With over a decade worth of research-backed experience teaching children and coaching parents across the country and around the world, Talia offers unique, personalized tutoring services.

Talia’s family coaching service focuses on helping children develop the skills they need to read and write by introducing engaging games and strategies that build curiosity, independence, and resilience. Talia works with the whole family, providing parents with tools and resources to encourage and support reading at home.

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Independence and Resilience Through Literacy PrograM

Talia Kovacs’s tutoring program, located virtually or throughout Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn, focuses on each client’s personal needs, taking the time to understand the underlying blocks and developing a unique strategy for each child, based on their interests. She also focuses on family communication, learning independence, and skill-based literacy instruction.

Talia offers a range of games and strategies suited for different skillsets and designed to improve your child’s love of learning, literacy skills, and personal confidence and independence. The objective is to raise the child’s reading level while giving them the confidence to see reading as an invaluable tool for their growth and development.

Talia’s three to nine-month programs include weekly lessons with the child 1-on-1, and monthly sessions with the whole family.

The program is broken down into 3 steps:

1. Reading and Interest Assessment
The program begins with a 1-on-1 assessment between Talia and the child. She uses reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills to examine the child’s various strengths and determines their literary baseline.

The assessment will also involve a meeting with the parents to discuss family communication and the current system in place to develop a literacy practice.

2. Skill-Building
Weekly lessons will include virtual games, co-reading, and personalized assignments based on the child’s unique interests. This keeps them engaged and excited to learn more as they improve their literacy skills.

3. Family Together Time
Every month Talia will lead a session that includes the whole family. This portion of the program is designed to bridge the gap between reading and entertainment – turning a child into an eager reader.

It makes a significant difference in the child’s development if they can share their ongoing success and milestones with their family members. This stage of the program also teaches parents how to support their children in their literacy growth.

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