Talia Kovacs Consulting’s 15-minute discovery call is the fastest way to learn what your child needs in the course of reading and writing improvement. All the information you need to know about getting your child started on the right track toward reading progress is contained in this 15-minute call, plus you will get to meet Talia one-on-one.

Talia is always available to set up a 15-minute discovery call with you, so please get in touch with her any time you have a chance, and an appointment ideal for both parties will be scheduled.

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Another remarkable element of Talia’s teaching strategy is getting you, the parents, involved. For this method to be effective, it can’t end once the consultations and sessions end.

Parents must also learn Talia’s teaching methods so the learning can continue at home. Parents will receive the tools they need to teach their children better reading habits and reinforcement techniques.

If you have been struggling with improving your child’s literacy, and they are struggling too – get in touch with Talia right away.

Teaching Parents How to Teach Their Children

One of the best ways to improve literacy is learning games and implementing positive reinforcement. This strategy aims to entice your child into being engaged by their prospective literacy. This positive attitude will eventually lead your child not only toward better literacy but to enjoy reading and writing.

This will help your entire family enjoy a more meaningful, curious, and joy-filled life together. By combining teaching, learning, literacy instruction, and games with Talia’s help, your child will be on the fast track to literacy growth.

Improve Reading and Writing Through PLAY

Talia Kovacs has helped countless children improve their literacy. She is a professor, CEO, writer, and children’s literacy specialist. She has taught in over 50 school districts across the United States and worldwide.

The goal of Talia’s tutoring is beyond just reading and writing improvement. It is to improve family life by finding new ways to communicate your child’s lived experience and make it straightforward, so you can understand their needs more fully as parents. This communication, among other things, is one of the main barriers to reading and writing success.

Overcoming Reading and Writing Obstacles

Book Your 15-Minute Discovery Call Now

Recognizing that your child requires reading or writing tutoring is a big step. Talia Kovacs Consulting wants to take the unease of finding the right tutor out of your life by inviting you to schedule a 15-minute discovery call.

The purpose of this call is to see if your child qualifies for Talia’s reading comprehension improvement workshops. Your child will be the recipient of ongoing, tailored reading support if they do. A concrete at-home learning plan will be developed along with other customized solutions for families working toward more extensive reading for their young ones.

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