Raising Resilient Kids

Thursday, September 28
12:00pm EST
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What you will learn:

More and more, children are anxious, afraid to make mistakes, and deeply shame-filled when they do.

Our kids are refusing to try, and are overwhelmed by new experiences.

What's a parent to do?

In this workshop, we help our kids go from melting down when they don't get their way, to taking small issues in stride. 

From not wanting to help around the house to seeing their contributions at home based on their strengths as a person. 

You will leave with ways to immediately apply the Resilience Building Framework, building up your sense of calm and connection at home in the process. 

How to equip your child with the skills to overcome their fear of mistakes, develop self-reliance (and feel like a great parent in the process!) 

kind words

"Instead of judgment or dogma, Talia came in with an understanding attitude and a ton of great sense.

I was super relieved to not add one more thing to my list, but instead re-prioritize connecting with my kids in an authentic, unstressful way. 

I left with so many takeaways that I'm still using!

Leslie B.

"Talia is an exceptional guide, facilitator, and expert. Just as incredible is her excellence at calming nervous parents and focusing us on what matters most for our kids.

I still use the tools she taught with my kids at home."

Justin K.

Raising Resilient Kids is a MUST-attend parent workshop. The session was filled with incredible insight, actionable tips that move the needle positively with kids.

I was particularly impressed by the way sessions helped me to focus on building independence and creating opportunities for independence with my kids 

Jennifer H.

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