Creating Momentum for Learning

It’s no surprise that we learn better in positive environments, so making time to meaningfully celebrate accomplishments (however small!) with your child is fun in the short-term and helpful in the long run.

Maybe your child brings home a great test they were worried about, earns their next belt in karate, or makes it to a higher level in Minecraft.

If it’s a milestone, make it feel like a milestone!

Download my celebration kit, and use these steps to celebrate all kinds of forward momentum so that your child stays motivated and engaged in their growth:

Step 1: Have your child complete a reflection about their learning through writing, drawing, or speaking out loud. (You can use the example below!) Ask them what they notice about their own learning throughout the year and where they feel they’ve made progress. Even (and especially!) for young children, you’ll be surprised what they notice about themselves when asked!

Step 2: 
Tell your child what you see them doing really well and then have them repeat after you to really take in the compliment (this is something we can all work on!). This might sound like, “I notice that you are taking time to sound out your words and you don’t get frustrated when it’s hard at first.” Then, your child can say, “I take time to sound out words, and I don’t get frustrated when it’s hard.”

Step 3: 
Give them a certificate or some memento of their accomplishment. This visual reminder can hang on their bedroom wall or in the living room for all to see. This memento will be a great source of encouragement when things inevitably get tricky again!

Step 4: 
Have a dance, art, or jumping party! Find some way to move your body. End this celebration a little out of breath with smiles on your face.

What is one thing you can celebrate today with your kid? Be sure to compliment them and have them practice taking in those kind words. This is an easy way to build a positive learning environment and to start making celebration a much-loved routine at home.

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