Independent Play?! This Will Never Work For My Kid

Does your kid struggle with Independent Play?

How many times have we all thought “this will never work for me” when hearing some nice, pie-in-the-sky idea of how perfect our lives could be if only we did this one thing.. 

I worked with a parent in the Raising Resilient Kids program who came to me saying “I want to learn all things resilience, but my son is an only child, and he always wants me to play with him. I don’t think independent play will work for us, but we’re excited to learn everything else!”

We talked about all the reasons it’s important. Partly because we as parents need time to get through our inbox, finish housework, or simply need a few minutes to read a book or just relax with a hot drink and not think at all.

Truly, the most important reason we use independent play is because it gives our kids the most important skill they’ll ever use in their life! (there, I said it!) 

The Benefits of Independent Play

Independent play allows our kids to make decisions on their own. It allows them to fail privately, and decide what to do next on their own terms. It allows them to build the skill of perseverance, resilience, and confidence. All while we drink a hot cup of coffee! 

Unfortunately, some kids seem to have no ability to play alone, they want us playing with them all the time

This can not only be overwhelming for us parents, it means our child never gets the absolutely imperative benefits of Independent Play. 

In this video below I share some insights into why Independent Play is not only useful for parents for a breather, but an opportunity for children to develop their resilience.

Once you watch the video, you can use this Stamina Tracker to help your child build up the skill of independent play. I am using this myself with my toddler, and it’s working out great! 

If you want more support building up this skill, and building resilience at home in total, I invite you to book a clarity call with me. We’ll discuss the Raising Resilient Kids program and whether it’s a good fit for your family. If it is, I’ll invite you to work with me 1:1 or in an upcoming group. If it’s not, you’ll leave with resources to take with you either way!

PS – that mom who thought her kid would never play independently? Upon graduation of the RRK program, her child was upstairs, alone, playing with his transformers for the full hour that we celebrated her hard work! 

I’d love to hear how your kids handle (or don’t!) independent play. Please leave a comment and let me know how independent play is going in your home!

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