Connected Parenting

“Kids these days don’t like to read – they just want to be in front of a screen!” “I loved reading as a kid, but my child would rather do anything than sit down with a book. Where did I go wrong?” “My kid gets extra frustrated with reading homework. They just won’t put any […]

December 1, 2021

Turning Reluctant Readers into Resilient Readers

We want our kids to do well in school. So, we often focus on all the traditional metrics of academic success: Is she completing her homework on time?Is he studying diligently for his tests?Is she behaving in class? But these questions leave out the bigger picture, and forget about the overarching goal that should be […]

November 24, 2021

Is Your Child Learning How to Learn?

It takes so much to just get our kids through the day: we want them to do better in school, get enough sleep, eat healthfully, enjoy some extracurriculars, and have enough time to relax. When our kid acts out, we often think about how we can restructure the things above. Do we need more rules? Higher expectations? […]

November 17, 2021

15 Minutes with You

I hear this all the time from parents. You sit down to help your child with their reading homework, and almost immediately it’s an argument. …Whether it’s “you’re not explaining it how the teacher would explain it!” or they insist “just tell me how to spell it!” …Or you ask them to write their spelling words, and there […]

October 28, 2021

Stop Homework Arguments For Good

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