Sibling Rivalry Is NOT a Given

Sibling Rivalry Always Happens right?

“_______ !!!!! (insert your child’s name here) if I have to come in there ONE more time you’re both grounded. I don’t care what she said, figure it out!!”

Has a version of this been yelled in your house? 

I grew up as the eldest of four sisters, and I heard this ALL the time. My parents worked really hard to foster strong sibling relationships, and my sisters and I remain very, very close to this day. Even still, we often called them to referee our fights, and fought viciously about seemingly nothing at all! 

Sibling relationships can be the best… and worst parts of our childhood (and let’s be honest adulthood too). Arguments, flat out fights, resentment, jealousy. These are all part of normal sibling dynamics. So is fun, love, loyalty, deep support, and laughter.

When we find ourselves the referees between our kids, they come to us even more to handle run of the mill disputes with each kid wanting to be the chosen “right” side of the argument. 

This can be exhausting and frustrating.  We want our kids to get along, to love each other, to only have the positive part of sibling life. 

Sibling Relationships Can Be Less Fractious

It’s unrealistic to think our kids will never have friction, but

It’s absolutely possible to have sibling relationships that are partnership based

Where you see your needs as being met and your siblings needs as being met. And you’re happy for both, that is the goal!

There are steps you can take to get to this point, and today I’m going to share with you the 1st step on that path. Take a look at the video above, I’m going to walk you through the first step to move towards this partnership relationship between your kids!

I’d love to know how you address sibling dynamics, please leave a comment sharing what has worked in your family!

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