Does This Describe Your Child?

Is your child quick to shut down? When they’re reading, if they get a word wrong, do they close the book and stop reading? (do they even try with a word they don’t know?) After soccer, do they come home upset when they don’t get a turn?

This is how so many of the parents I work with describe their kids. And, I want to tell you– you’re not alone. 

There is an epidemic of childhood anxiety going around, and it’s preventing our kids from fully stepping into their own sense of resilience.

The good news is, part of this can be remedied by giving your kid more responsibility, not less.

To learn how to address this nervousness, unwillingness to try, and deep upset when things go wrong, watch the video below. You’ll learn one strategy that can help you immediately. And, the great news is, you can start over anytime!

In the meantime, I’m rooting for you and for your kiddos.


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