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Talia Kovacs Consulting’s proven one-on-one tutoring strategy helps turn your child into a confident, active reader. Talia’s Resilient Reader program goes above and beyond guidance through assigned school homework. The program is catered specifically to your child, designed to analyze the weak points in your child’s reading habits and put forward the necessary steps to bridge those gaps.

Kid’s Reading Tutor in Brooklyn

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Are you in search of a compassionate and qualified child tutor in the Fort Greene area for your children? If so, we invite you to contact the incomparable agency, Talia Kovacs Consulting. For children struggling with reading, Talia Kovacs Consulting provides deep reading skills along with bolstering each child’s confidence in their own abilities, resulting in a child who is engaged, resilient, and ready to learn!

Child Tutoring in Fort Greene

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We specialize in the development of customized, practical and actionable child tutoring programs. With an emphasis on positive reinforcement, practical application, and fun, we help kids unlock the joys of learning and literacy. All the while, we show parents and guardians how they can integrate reading and dedicated study periods into the everyday lives of children. 

Child Tutoring in Clinton Hill

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Do you think that your child stands to benefit from a compassionate and qualified tutor? If so, we invite you to contact Talia Kovacs Consulting to learn more about our child tutoring services. With an emphasis on literacy, confidence building, and dedicated coaching, we provide the most comprehensive tutoring services in the Boreum Hill area. We give children and their parents or guardians the tools to overcome countless obstacles inside and outside the classroom.

Child Tutoring in Boreum Hill

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Talia Kovacs Consulting offers one-on-one literacy tutoring in Brooklyn to help kids discover the transformative power of reading, and to help parents and caregivers implement key literacy strategies in a joyful and engaging way at home. Talia leverages her career as a teacher, literacy coach, and sought-after literacy expert, and a passion for reading to make literacy a life-changing and joy-filled skill for the whole family to enjoy.

Kids Tutor in Brooklyn

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Is your child having a difficult time keeping up with their studies? Do you want to ensure your child’s academic strengths get the encouragement they deserve? If so, you’re not alone. We all want what’s best for our children at the end of the day. Unfortunately, not all of us have the time to aid a child in their studies after already dealing with the chores and other demands of parenting.

Tutoring in Brooklyn

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