“Don’t Force It” Podcast and deepening our own resilience

I had an amazing time speaking with Sheila Akbar about power of resilience for kids on her Don’t Force It podcast.

We see around us, and are finding though studies, that there is a huge spike in childhood anxiety. Our kids are more anxious, afraid to make mistakes, and are full of shame when they do fail. Our kids are refusing to even try, and shutting down when things get hard.

Sheila works to get teenagers into the colleges and careers that most inspire them, and in our conversation, we discussed how that starts much earlier than in high school! Here’s how we can imbue resilience teaching into our daily lives with our youngest to our oldest kids.

Resilience is learned, but it can’t be taught. If it can’t be taught how can our kids learn?! We deep dive into some frameworks that can help a child learn resilience and the many ways we can get them the tools they need to feel confident and keep trying when things get hard.

You can listen to the full podcast here and I’d love to hear about your takeaways!

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