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Why Kids Space Out: Understanding the Unique Brain Processes of Children

Did you know there’s a reason why our kids can feel so “spacy”. Even after we’ve asked them 5 times to do the same thing and they still haven’t gotten to it.

Sure, it may be because they simply don’t care about anything you say and make it their business to never listen …. but there may be another reason. 

When I teach my class on Raising Resilient Kids, we do a deep dive into our kids’ brains and how they function. I’ve made a clip introducing the many reasons why our kids seem spacy to us. 

You know.. when they don’t respond to us when we’ve said their name 4 times and, finally, on the 5th try, they acknowledge you.

Or when you’ve asked them 3 times in the last 20 minutes to find their shoes because you’re going to be leaving soon. Yet they not only aren’t ready- they just started to look for their shoes. 

The Science Behind Childhood Daydreaming and Spaciness

It can be infuriating. And, with the right knowledge, we can put these behaviors into context.

In the video below I give an introduction to the reason behind the “spaciness” we often feel with our kids, and how an adult’s processing is significantly different from a child’s. 

Knowing how a child’s brain processes can provide a lot of insight into their behavior, and allow us to better interact with our kids, helping to develop that calm connected household we strive for. 

I hope you learn something new from this video! And, if you do, please comment and let me know your aha moments.

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