You And Me Baby Ain’t Nothing But…

Let’s talk about mammals. 

Last week I shared with you some information on human brain waves-hopefully learning about how a child’s brain functions (and how it doesn’t!!) allowed you to better see and understand your child’s behavior for what it was. 

If you missed that video, you can click here for the post!

Understanding Children’s Brain Development Through the Lens of the Triune Brain

This week I’d like to introduce you to the concept of the triune brain. 

Think: my kid will just spin around for hours. My kid needs so much sensory input! My kid goes from 0-60 in a second. 

All of this is due to our kids’ mammalian brain. 

As the human race developed over millennia physically, changing and adapting, so did our brains. With new challenges and needs it added more parts. Just as with our brain waves, we don’t start out with access to all the ways of thinking. 

So, click the video below to learn about our kids’ brain, and why they are truly little mammals at heart, in a way that we, as adults, have evolved over our lives away from. 

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